Equipped for eternity with shutters from Krotzer

Aluminium shutters

Shutters made of aluminium are almost maintenance-free and unbeatable in terms of durability.

Aluminium defies all weather conditions

Krotzer shutters are produced in Uttendorf from high-quality aluminium, which is powder-coated after milling. The material is corrosion-resistant and defies all weather conditions.

Yet you don’t have to do without a classic wood look. The aluminium surface can also be coated with a wood grain – in a wide variety of colours.

In former times, shutters were a fixed component of every house. In summer they ensured that the house did not overheat, in winter that no heat penetrated to the outside. Factors that play an even more decisive role today.

The maintenance requirements for wood are enormous. Aluminium shutters are completely maintenance-free for decades. In addition, there is the improved protection against burglary, the low weight and the possibility of varied architectural design.

In addition to the high-quality material properties, our aluminium shutters offer further decisive advantages:

Tailored to you

We mill the shutters individually according to your specifications. Whether modern or traditional, fancy or minimalist, our shutters are not off-the-shelf.

Flexible design

You will receive the window beams either coated or uncoated and pre-sanded. These can be re-coloured later.

We do it colourful

Our colour palette is as diverse as the RAL colour range offers.

Compact design

Thanks to the form-fitting compact design, there are no disturbing cut edges

Unbeatable price

Thanks to modern production methods in our CNC manufacturing technology, our aluminium shutters are considerably cheaper than comparable frame constructions.

Made in Austria

The shutters are manufactured in our factory in Uttendorf. The raw material is manufactured within the EU and must meet our strict quality standards.

The following shutter designs are possible

  • Fixed mounted as decorative bar with mounting profile
  • Sliding shutters
  • Folding shutters, milled on both sides

You can choose from three different decorative variants. Functional shutters are already prepared by us for standard sliding hardware.

We would be pleased to make an offer for model milling for your company on request: office@krotzer.at