Front doors and balustrades in raw aluminium, anodised aluminium or with powder coating

Architecture meets individuality. Our range of aluminium facing panels for front doors is as diverse as your customers themselves. We produce in series according to fixed model templates or as dimensionally accurate special production at no extra charge.

Individual and flexible: Front door facing panels at Krotzer

In principle, there are hardly any limits to design ideas. Our production is flexible enough to manufacture not only series but also single parts for individual special requests without long lead times. In this way, you achieve maximum flexibility for your customers.

Your cooperation with Krotzer offers decisive advantages

  • high quality for the standard and premium range
  • individual design possibilities
  • large assortment
  • flexible and uncomplicated processing
  • fast production
  • special requests are possible at short notice, often without surcharge

Advantages for your customers

  • High quality, durable and low maintenance
  • weather protection
  • individual design possibilities
  • wide range of different shapes
  • glass inclusions allow dynamic light guidance to the inside
  • wide range of colours
  • architectural design element
  • anodised finish for design applications: no fingerprints visible
  • no repainting or sanding
  • high stability
  • Made in Austria

Technical details of the front door panels

  • Material: ALMG 3 aluminium sheet in standard and anodised quality.
  • Thickness: 2 mm for interior and 3 mm for exterior use
  • Design: Milled with or without glass cut-out edge milled or Softline
  • Variants: Alu raw, Alu raw anodised, Alu coated standard, Alu coated 2-coloured, Alu wood decor PHD and MKW colours.

Prepared for coating companies with suspension holes or break-off tabs for sash-covering surface constructions.