Quality for 30 years

The Company Fritz Krotzer started in 1988 as a small planning office. Over the years more and more areas were added.

With our entry into the development of door and garage door design elements at the beginning of the 1990s, we were there from the start in this business. Krotzer is now a company with ca. 15 employees.

The company is devided into three sections:

  • production: design elements for front and garage doors, made of wood, plastic, aluminium, acrylic glass, compound plates and various other composite materials
  • contract manufacturing: parts production on CNC controlled machines with vacuum clamping technology
  • production of stairs and handrails for consumer customers

Carefully trained employees ensures maximum customer satisfaction. We place special emphasis on the timely and accurate processing of orders. Krotzer exports its products far beyond the borders of Austria.

Our best reference is the Austrian and German garage door industry, which is supplied mainly of us.